Your Attention Please!

Posted: October 2, 2013 in Uncategorized

Some people have been a bit wishy washy about our Paleo Challenge an doing it on your own.  I’d like to touch on a few points as to why we are doing a “Paleo Challenge” anyway.  We do it to reset bad habits.  This summer, it got really easy to have that nice cold beer after work or play, but one usually turns into two, ect, ect…  Desserts, eating out, I don’t have time.  The Challenge is a time to fix those things.  Realize that if you stop eating out and buying all that “convienent” food, you will have the money to eat right.  Drinking  alcohol adds non nutrient dense calories that make their way to your liver, which just turns to more sugar in your blood stream.  Just a high carbohydrate diet leads to more insulin release, leading to insulin resistance, sugar cravings, a flood of bad hormones, and on your way to Americas newest craze, Diabetes!   Find the time to cook for the next 2-4 days in advance.   Eat lean meats, vegatables, some fruit and good fats.  It amazes me how we all admit to each other about how bad we ate the other day and how shitty we felt, but we do it again, and again.  If it’s the picture thing you’re worried about, GET OVER IT!  NO ONE CARES WHAT YOU LOOK LIKE!  YOU ARE MAKING A CHANGE AND HAVE TO START SOMEWHERE!  YOU ARE WHAT MATTERS!  We get the same comments from people who say they need to be in shape before they get started in our gym.  Another excuse!  Knock it off!  Two words, ON RAMP!  We are a community, better yet, a family of people dedicated to a higher quality of life.  We support each other through the good and bad times.  In our minds we are our worst enemies.  Harder on ourselves than anyone could ever be.  The Paleo Challenge is about change.  Not just in the realm of nutrition, but in how we look at life, feel everday, and perform at our best!   Get off the fence, get on board and get on track.  Doing it on your own is not all that fun.  Isn’t that why we come to Crossfit?  The people, the motivation, the support.  I did CrossFit in my garage for 6 months before I joined a CrossFit gym.  Not an easy thing to do.  When I was in my garage, I could back off when I wanted to.  No ones watching.  Coast a little.  When I joined the CrossFit community, a fire was lit!  The point is, WE are her for YOU!  ALL OF YOU!  I emphasize WE because everyone supports everyone.  We sweat, suffer, and laugh together!  No one is left out here!  You have until Friday October 4th to complete the Paleo Challenge WOD and turn in your $20.  More people, bigger cash prizes!

Tell your friends and family, On Ramp starts Monday October 7th.



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