Ted Hawkins has been involved in competitive sports and fitness the majority of his life.  He is a certified CrossFit Level One Trainer,  Certified  in CrossFit Motion and Mobility for flexibility and injury prevention, CrossFit Oylympic Lifting, an attendee of the Paleolithic Solution Nutrition Seminar, a Certified Personal Trainer with the National Academy of Sports Medicine,  and former United States Ski Association Ski Racing coach.  He has also done conditioning coaching for motocross racing.  After spending his early years in motocross and ski racing, Ted found his passion in the gym training for bodybuilding, but found even more satisfaction in helping others to attain their goals in sport and fitness.  After finding CrossFit in late 2008, he fell in love with “the sport of fitness” and lives and breathes the lifestyle.  Ted is available for personal and group classes.



Mat has dedicated most of his life to being an athlete. Growing up he participated in baseball, football, basketball and training in boxing. After high school, injuries lead to Mat becoming sedentary, deconditioned and very overweight. At the age of 24 Mat rededicated himself to athletics picking up boxing and running again. He went from 235 pounds to 170 pounds. Mat began competing as a mixed martial artist. After finishing as a quarter finalist in the California State Mixed Martial Arts Tournament, Mat hit a wall finding himself over powered by bigger and stronger opponents. Mat started working with Ted Hawkins and was introduced to CrossFit not just as a workout but as a lifestyle. He believes CrossFit has changed his life and chose to get his Level 1 Certification in hopes to help others to achieve their goals just as he has done. Along with CrossFit, he competes regularly in mixed martial arts, has ran in half marathons, and competed in The Eppies Great Race. He also trains with Brazilian Jiu Jiutsu Black Belt Phil Torres (former coach of UFC stars Nick and Nate Diaz) in Stockton, CA.

Mat is available for group classes and personal training.


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